Upcoming IBMP Meetings for 2022

At their Dec 1, 2021 meeting, the Partners decided to move to a two-meetings-per-year schedule. The decision came with the recognition that the Partners could return to three meetings per year, if necessary. One thought expressed was that the Partners might use the former summer meeting date for hosting field trips, as needed and per interest.

Because of the COVID-related cancellation of the spring 2020 IBMP meeting, the Partners decided to have ITBC run the spring 2022 meeting, and NPS (who per Partner Protocols would run all of the 2022 meetings) run the late fall meeting. Following 2022, the Partners expect to return to the Lead Partner and meeting hosting schedule provided in their Partner Protocols (see Library page).

The following hosts, dates, and locations were set for the 2022 IBMP 2022 meetings. Draft agendas are posted to this page ~2 weeks in advance.
  • Apil 13, 2022. 8 AM - 5 PM. Host: ITBC. Lead Partner: Ervin Carlson of ITBC. Location: Hilton Hotel, Bozeman MT
  • November 30, 2022. 8 AM - 5 PM. Host: NPS. Lead Partner: Cam Sholly of NPS. Location: Holiday Inn West, West Yellowstone MT
COVID note: As of their December 2021 meeting, the Partners are expecting to meet in person for both 2022 meetings. Before each meeting the current COVID situation will be evaluated to assure meeting in person is considered safe. If precautions are neeeded, Partners expect to follow CDC guidelines for meetings, as they did for their December 1, 2021 meeting (see first page of agenda for that meeting). Note that Each Partner agency may require its own unique COVID precautions or limitations on meeting attendance.

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