IBMP Meeting Calendar

December 1, 2021
Location: DoubleTree Inn (Edgewater), Missoula MT
Meeting host and Lead Partner organization: Nez Perce Tribe

  • Final agenda
    ** COVID precautions for in-person meeting: Please note that the first page of the agenda contains a subset of CDC guidelines for meetings that the Partners highlighted at meeting start, and then sought to follow.
  • Final meeting report. The report is less detailed than for past, non-recorded IBMP meetings. Given low public attendance, as expected because of COVID concerns, the Partners recorded the full audio portion of the meeting, and that recording is available for the public record below. Listeners of the audio version of the meeting are provided with two cautions: 1) the audio, taken with a phone, is not always easy to hear and discern, especially when the speaker is far away; 2) it is not always apparent who the speaker is so please do not attribute any comment to any specific speaker until you verify that comment with the thought-to-be speaker.
    ** morning session  

    ** afternoon session  

  • Meeting materials and presentations:
      ** Presentation slides from Chris Geremia of NPS regarding NPS recommendations for bison removals for the 2021/22 IBMP Winter Operations Plan, and an additional set of slides titled NPS Other Data Slides.

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