IBMP Meeting Calendar

August 3, 2016
Location: Homewood Suites, Bozeman MT
Meeting host and Lead Partner: Montana Department of Livestock

  • Final meeting agenda
  • Final meeting report
  • CGNF Bison West side Monitoring May-Jul 2016. This item was discussed by Jodie Canfield at the meeting, and a Partner requested that the information be made available after the meeting.
  • Adaptive Managemet proposals:
       ** Change to section 1.3.d of the AM Plan, which addresses private land but not public land annual operating instructions: Consider a voluntary compensation program for livestock owners who agree to release livestock on private land after June 15.
       ** Addition of ERRATUM into the AM Plan. This is the document titled "ERRATUM to DEC 2015 Year-Round Habitat for Yellowstone Bison EA Decision Notice," which provides clarification as to the geography and timing limits described under the Governor's Dec2015 Environmental Assessment Decision Notice.

  • Presentations:
       ** Bison harvest planning for the winter of 2016/17; presented by PJ White of NPS. This presentation was part of the IBMP Partners' discussion on preparation of their 2016/2017 Winter IBMP Operations Plan. The presentation includes a review of bison removed during 2015/16 winter operations, and NPS recomendations for removals for the 2016/17 operations season. IMPORTANT: THE REMOVAL NUMBERS SHOWN FOR 2016/17 ARE AN NPS PROPOSAL, NOT ADOPTED BY THE IBMP PARTNERS AS OF THIS MEETING.
       ** The Spread of Brucellosis in Elk and Livestock; presented by Dr. Angela Brennan, a post-doc at the University of Wyoming.
       ** The Northern Range: How Much More Can It Take?; presented by retired NRCS State Biologist Pete Husby. Pete's talk is part of continuing discussion on habitat and status of the Northern Range both in and outside of Yellowstone.

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