Upcoming IBMP Meetings for 2021

Due to COVID19-driven changes, the Partners have a) agreed to having NPT be the Lead Partner for 2021 (the Partner Protocols have been updated to reflect the modified Lead Partner schedule), and b) set the following dates and expected meetings types for 2021: April 1 (Zoom telecon); July 21 (Zoom telecon + in-person meeting in Lapwai ID); December 1 (in-person meeting in Missoula MT).

Vaccinations, safety, and agency guidelines for personnel travel will determine if in-person meetings are possible in 2021. As of early 2021, Partners expected the July meeting will be the first possible opportunity to meet safely in-person again. The situation was evaluated in early June -- with recognition that each agency or Tribal group may have their own safety guidleines regarding meeting travel -- and the Partners indeed decided to meet in person for the July 21 meeting.

Note that stand-alone Zoom meetings typically run 9 AM to 12 noon, Bozeman time. In-person meetings generally run from 8 AM to 5 PM over a single day. In either case, draft agendas are posted on this page ~2 weeks in advance of Partner meetings.

  • December 1, 2021; 8 AM - 5 PM in Missoula MT at the DoubleTree Inn (Edgewater)
    * Partners and staff can reserve government rate rooms after ~Sep 1 by calling 406-728-3100 and asking for the IBMP block of rooms or clicking here (link to be available after ~Sep 1).
    * Draft meeting agenda will be available here ~2 weeks before the meeting.

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