Bison Education

Three education brochures created by the Citizens Group on Bison Education (supported by the IBMP) and CSKT can be downloaded from the links that follow. Also, the brochures are available to groups for free from the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 3 Headquarters at 1400 South 19th, Bozeman, MT 59718. Phone (406) 994-4042. These brochures are envisioned as part of a shared IBMP/citizens' education campaign. As many as five informational brochures are under consideration, supplemented by future outreach efforts. As part of those efforts, new media and traditional media will be utilized to reach a broader audience.

Here are additional web-based sources of information on bison: In November 2011 a Citizens' Working Group recommended that the IBMP Partners "Develop and implement a strong, factual education component so an informed public is involved in the discussions" (see Population Management section, #15 ).