IBMP Meeting Calendar

July 31, 2019
Location: Holiday Inn; Bozeman MT
Meeting host and Lead Partner: Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service

  • Final agenda for the IBMP meeting
  • Final meeting report
  • Meeting materials and presentations:
      ** Presentation from the Bear Creek Council (BCC) titled "Six Solutions to Increase Safety of the North Side Bison Hunt". BCC also provided a report supporting their recommendations.
      ** Presentation from Julie Cunningham titled "Effects of Hunting on Elk Distribution". A discussion followed Julie's talk regarding how knowledge gained studying the impact of hunting on elk might transfer to considering the impact of hunting on bison. During her talk, Julie committed to providing several supporting references, which are shown below:

        (1) Ranglack, D.H., K.M. Proffitt, J.E. Canfield, J.A. Gude, J. Rotella, and R.A. Garrott. 2017. Security areas for elk during archery and rifle hunting seasons. The Journal of Wildlife Management 81:778-91.
        (2) DeVoe, J.D., K.M. Proffitt, M.S. Mitchell, C.S. Jourdonnais, and K.J. Barker. 2019. Elk forage and risk tradeoffs during the fall archery season. The Journal of Wildlife Management 83:801-16.
        (3) Proffitt, K.M., J.L. Grigg, R.A. Garrott, K.L. Hamlin, J. Cunningham, J.A. Gude, and C. Jourdonnais. 2010. Changes in elk resource selection and distributions associated with a late-season elk hunt. Journal of Wildlife Management 74:210-8.
        (4) Proffitt, K.M., J.A. Gude, K.L. Hamlin, and M.A. Messer. 2013. Effects of hunter access and habitat security on elk habitat selection in landscapes with a public and private land matrix. Journal of Wildlife Management 77:514-24
        (5) Proffitt, K.M., J.L. Grigg, K.L. Hamlin, and R.A. Garrott. 2009. Contrasting effects of wolves and human hunters on elk behavioral responses to predation risk. Journal of Wildlife Management 73:345-56.
        (6) Viera, M.E., M.M. Conner, G.C. White, and D.J. Freddy. 2003. Effects of archery hunter numbers and opening dates on elk movement. Journal of Wildlife Management 67:717-28.

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